Custom PowerShell ISE Menu

My current set of custom PowerShell Integrated Script Editor  menu items.  There were plenty of things missing that I and others found useful so I wanted to implement them as a learning experience.


Sending Syslog Message in Powershell

This uses the .Net UdpClient class to send messages to a UDP based syslog server.


Log Forwarder for VMware

This set of scripts is what I created when I was testing options for forwarding vpxa and hostd log files.  After my initial POC I decided that I would rather implement this in a different language as a Windows service (deferred until later).  I am putting this code up here because it is functional, if not production ready, and should provide about 80+% of what people are looking for.


Secure Credential Storage

These functions are for more securely persisting credentials to disk.  I explored the VI Credential cmdlets and I was not 100% happy with them so I decided to implement my own version that uses the Microsoft DPAPI for encryption.  Make sure to look at the README as it covers usage and current limitations.