OpenZIS installation guide

I have spent a day or so trying to get the OpenZIS project up and running on a CentOS machine. A lack of updated instructions and an older code base made this process harder than I expected.

While I am still investigating if OpenZIS will meet my needs, I wanted to publish what I did as a reference to others who might try to install it. The doc is in my forked version of OpenZIS. Once I have tested things more, I will likely submit a pull request to the author.

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  1. Voltaren

    I will spend the day probing your site ;0)

  2. Eric (Post author)

    @Voltaren That name sounds familiar 😉 Did you find anything interesting?

  3. Voltaren

    Nothing yet .. but reached a firewall .. I’ll see if I have time to play this weekend. IF so , Ill change a few things around so you know I was here LOL 😉


  4. Christopher

    Eric, The OpenZIS project has been closed for some time now. What was your interest? It looks as if the blog database has been dropped as well..


  5. Eric (Post author)


    The company I was with at the time was looking at options for running a ZIS.

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