VMware PowerShell Get-VIHumanReadablePath

An example of how to get the human readable path of an object in the VMware SDK. This is using PowerShell and requires that PowerCLI be installed, but should be easily converted to other languages.

Function Get-VIHumanReadablePath
        if ($target.GetType().BaseType -ne [VMware.Vim.ManagedEntity])
            $target = $target | Get-View -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
        $target = $null
    if (!$target)
        throw "Get-VIHumanReadablePath: Could not get the Managed Entity representation of -target"
    $path = $target.Name
    while ($target.Parent)
        $target = Get-View $target.Parent  
        $path = $target.Name + "/" + $path           

Example usage

Get-VIHumanReadablePath (Get-Folder Linux)
Get-VIHumanReadablePath (Get-VM LinuxTemp01)
Get-VIHumanReadablePath (Get-VM LinuxTemp01 | Get-View)
Get-VIHumanReadablePath (Get-ResourcePool Prod)
Get-VIHumanReadablePath (Get-VM LinuxTemp01 | Get-ResourcePool)
Get-VIHumanReadablePath (Get-VMHost esx001.local)

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