Sony PRS600 hung (1fskin:/l/string…)

My new PRS600 reader from Sony was hung and I was getting pretty worried. I was using calibre on Linux and unplugged the device without unmounting. I would reset it and it would boot, but come to a blank version of the menu screen with 1fskin:/l/string… showing at the bottom. I tried a hard reset, but the device would not respond.

Here are the steps I did to resolve the issue.

  1. Push in the reset button in the bottom of the reader.
  2. Power on the device.
  3. Quickly plug the device into the computer (before it hangs again).
  4. Rename \database\cache\media.xml to media.xml.bak.
  5. Unmount and unplug the device to resume operation.

This may not solve every problem, but it worked for me.

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  1. Franz

    It helped!!! Thanks a lot, you’re great!!!

  2. Chencho

    Thanks a lot, I was very worried with this issue.

  3. Pablo

    @Dmitry I could follow the 3 initial points of Eric’s solution. The 4th is impossible because my device is considered “read only”. What can I do?

  4. Marina

    Thanks a lot!

  5. nieve

    My file is already named media.xml.bak. it was like that when i went to change it. what do i do?

  6. nieve

    and now i just deleted the file:( what now?

  7. Ignacio

    Gracias! Funciona

  8. jane

    the thing with my prs 600 is that is neither responding to the reset button nor the power button, it just displays the empty home screen and that text at the bottom, and it neither switches on or off. What do I do in this condition?


    Muchas gracias me ha FUNCIONADO

  10. Andrei

    Thanks, it work with my reader. It’s a pitty that there is no fix like this for the aging battery 🙂

  11. Jana

    Thanks, my friend! It worked 🙂

  12. Sergey

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

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