Google Book Advanced Search Query Parameters

A reference for those working on Google book searches other than full text queries. Let me know if something is incorrect or missing.

Query Parameter Values
Text Query
as_q All of the words.
as_epq Exact phrase.
as_oq At least one of the words.
as_eq Without the words.
Content Type
as_brr 0=AllBooks, 1=FullView, 3=Limited preview and full view, 4=Public domain only
lr Empty for all languages otherwise a language code.
as_vt Title
as_auth Author
as_pub Publisher
as_sub Subject
Publication Info
as_drrb_is Publication date: q=ANYTIME, b=BETWEEN
as_minm_is Publication minimum month. Jan=1, DeC=12.
as_miny_is Publication minimum year.
as_maxm_is Publication maximum month. Jan=1, DeC=12.
as_maxy_is Publication maximum year.
as_isbn ISBN
as_issn ISSN
num Number of results to return. 10-100 should be safe.